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Arielle Impresses on New Mind Lion EP

February 3rd, 2018

Singer-songwriter/guitarist Arielle is releasing her latest EP titled Mind Lion on February 9th.  


Bursting upon the scene in 2010, she's since worked with the likes of Brian May, Cee Lo Green, Eric Johnson and Vince Gill.


She is a self-proclaimed “wander-lusting gypsy” that calls her music “classic folk rock.”  Upon listening to her latest EP, I would call her music much more than that.


Mind Lion contains four very diverse original songs and a great cover of Muse’s “Madness.”  


The EP opens up with “Voices In My Head” which is a bluesy song that could easily fit on a Bonnie Raitt record.


“Devil’s Disguise” is a slow, jazzy tune that has an early ‘50s feel to it.  This song not only features Arielle’s smooth vocal abilities; her very tasteful and crisp guitar solo fits perfectly within the structure of the song.


Arielle’s smooth, soothing voice enables her to hit and hold the high notes when needed and with aplomb. Those attributes are showcased on “Just Another Reason.”


Finally, “Take II” is a fantastic instrumental that rocks!  She shows off her fretwork and proves that she can hold her own against any other rock guitarist that’s out there.


I highly recommend giving Mind Lion a listen; the only negative thing I have to say is that I wish it was longer.  


If you would like to see Arielle perform live, she will be opening up for Eric Johnson at the House of Blues on March 13th.  Click here for tickets.


For more information about Arielle, click here.  

Album Review by Greg Drugan

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