Arlo Guthrie


"Alice's Restaurant"

At EJ Thomas Hall

November 5, 2018

Arlo Guthrie is out celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the film Alice's Restaurant, which is based on the events surrounding his Thanksgiving Day citation for littering in 1965.  Arlo and his band, which includes his daughter Sarah Lee, made a stop at EJ Thomas Hall last Thursday evening.

The show opened with "The Motorcycle Song" and segued right into "Darkest Hour."  Guthrie proved that he was in fine voice and is still on top of his story-telling game.

Arlo, the son of folk-singing legend Woody Guthrie, played his father's song "Gypsy Davey" early in the set.  He followed that by covering "Gates Of Eden" by another folk legend, Bob Dylan.

After a short intermission, Arlo came out and played the entire "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" where the entire crowd sang along.

Other songs in the second set included "Coming To Los Angeles," "All Over The World" and one of the best songs about a train, "The City Of New Orleans."

The show concluded with his father's songs "This Land Is Your Land" and "My Peace."

Photos and review by Jon Lichtenberg

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