Set To Play

HOB Sept. 22

American new-wave band, Berlin has reunited with three original members, singer Terri Nunn, bassist John Crawford and keyboardist David Diamond and are set to make an appearance at The House Of Blues on September 22.

Berlin first hit the scene in the early '80s thanks to their videos for "The Metro" and "Sex (I'm a ...) being played in heavy rotation on MTV.  In 1984, the band released "No More Words" which became a Top 40 smash and MTV hit. 

However, things really took off  in 1986 when "Take My Breath Away" was featured on the Top Gun soundtrack and went to number one across the world.  The song also earned the band an Academy Award for Best Original Song. 

The band officially broke up in 1987, but  Nunn recreated the band in 1997 using different musicians.

Just last month, Nunn along with original members John Crawford and David Diamond, released Berlin's eighth studio album titled Transcendance.  

Fans can expect to hear some new songs as well as all the classics when they come to the House Of Blues on Sept. 22.  

Tickets start at $30 and can be purchases by clikcking here