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Berlin and The Romantics Co-Headline at the Rocksino

Do two other groups define the '80s more than Berlin and The Romantics?  Perhaps realizing the nostalgia and good will that these legacy bands engender, these co-headlining tours and retro fests have become incredibly popular.  

Berlin, perhaps best-known for "Take My Breath Away," the  huge smash anthem from 1986's Top Gun, will co-headline at the Hard Rock Rocksino with Detroit-bred The Romantics. Terri Nunn, the sultry lead vocalist  of Berlin, is the only remaining member of the band to take the stage on this tour.  But, if there's one person that you still be in the group, it's the singer who brings back those oh-so-sweet memories of your youth, right?

The Romantics formed in 1977 and found success with 1980's hit "What I Like About You."  Subsequently, they charted with a #3 hit "Talking In Your Sleep" in 1983.  Due to lengthy legal troubles involving their management's theft of profits the band went somewhat dormant through the late 1980s and early '90s.

Both bands have burst into the twenty-first century with a fervor.  Splitting amicably, Berlin is now back in the studio with the original lineup and are recording a new album. Original bassist John Crawford and guitarist David Diamond won't be on stage with Nunn, but look for an upcoming tour within the next year or so.

For tickets and other information regarding Friday's show, click here.

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