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Blackthorne posed L to R Jimmy Waldo keys Graham Bonnet vocals Chuck Wright bass Bob Kulic

Reissues Two
Album Set

Blackthorne was a short-lived, hard rock band featuring five ‘80s hard rock stalwarts – guitarist Bob Kulick, singer Graham Bonnet, keyboardist Jimmy Waldo, bassist Chuck Wright and drummer Frankie Banali. 

Even though the group no longer exists, they decided to re-release a deluxe two-CD set that includes a reissue of the band’s only studio album, Afterlife, along with the band’s previously unreleased second album, Don’t Kill the Thrill.  This is the first time the two albums have been reissued as one single release.  Both albums also contain previously unreleased bonus tracks and many of the tracks on both albums are remastered.

Afterlife opens with "Cradle To The Grave" that features a gritty vocal performance from Graham Bonnett and crunchy guitar riffs from Bob Kulick.

The best song on the album is the rocker "Hard Feelings."  It has a great groove and Bonnett really shines on this track.

The album closes with the party song "All Night Long" that is reminiscent of Slaughter's "Up All Night."

There are seven bonus tracks on the first CD that includes a couple of "Unplugged" tunes and a cover of "Since You've Been Gone," the song made famous by Bonnett when he fronted Rainbow.

The second CD opens with "Don't Kill The Thrill" a bass pumping rocker.  

The entire album is full of hard rock anthems such as "We Will Not Be Forgotten" and "Baby You're The Blood."  


This album really shows how this band progressed from the first record to the second and proves that they had the potential to be big.  However, by the early 1990's grunge had taken over, hard rock was shelved and Bonnett had left the group.

Here is your chance to listen to some great rock songs that have never been released.

If you like that Sunset Strip sound, make sure you check out Blackthorne's two CD set featuring Afterlife and Don't Kill The Thrill. 






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