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Chris Smother Brings Blues to The Beachland

Chris smither

May 16th, 2018

Chris Smither
has made an impact in the blues and Americana genre throughout his long career. His music touches souls in powerful ways; Smither has even been told there’s a black man inside of him trying to get out.  Fun fact: He got a DNA test and he’s 1% African American!


Smither’s blues have only gotten better with age; the maturity in his voice makes you believe you’re in the Great Depression, on the side of the railroad tracks, listening to a chain gang. This is probably why he sold out the Beachland Tavern in a matter of minutes. Luckily, North Coast Music Beat got there early and snagged a front row seat!


Smither wasn’t all depth and emotion though, he brought the energy up with jokes, stories and a fair amount of levity with his songs. One tune  he always claimed was a love song, although his mother disagreed with his asessment, is “Don’t Call Me Stranger.” Read the lyrics below and see how they make you feel:


“Don’t you worry I’m not evil I’m just bad. Do you have a sense of Danger? Suits me if you do. Come on baby, don’t call me stranger, I’m just like you. If you listen to your mama you won’t ever have no fun.”


It’s pretty evident that Smither is the sweet-talking man looking for a night of danger with a pretty girl.  We think we’ll agree with your mom, Chris; this is a good song, but not a love song per say. Listen and enjoy the song by clicking here!


Another comical moment of the night was before Smither played his tune, “Origin of Species”  He told the crowd he’s played it everywhere, even where he shouldn’t have...down South. The song speaks first about the Bible, going through its stories before speaking about Darwin and evolution. Whichever you believe, if you like a good laugh check out the song here!

Smither had his traditional mic’d board for his patting feet. How someone can put that much focus into singing, playing guitar, and using their feet as instruments is beyond me, and Smither did it well. Everyone tapped along, whether it was with their hands or feet, no one was having a bad time.


His guitar playing was remarkable and his voice pulled my old, rusty guitar strings, even though it didn’t look like he was opening his mouth at all. See a white black man singing the Blues before it’s too late! You won’t regret it unless you dislike your music served up with a side of the feels.. Chris Smither is a perfect date night concert!


Review by Courtney Ramey

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