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Criss Angel Enthralls Goodyear Audience With Magic And Illusions

Criss Angel brought his new magic and illusion tour titled Raw: The Mindfreak Unplugged to the Goodyear Theater on Monday night.  Angel, who has a residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas, made Akron the first stop on this North American tour.


Best known for his Criss Angel Mindfreak television show, Angel performed some classic sleight of hand tricks, some illusions and even a few new stunts.


There was a lot of crowd interaction and participation as Angel asked for several volunteers throughout the performance to join him on stage.  He even went out into the crowd so some audience members could witness some tricks up close.


Angel also incorporated a lot of humor and music (he is a musician) into his performance.


The night wasn’t all about Angel though, as he brought two other performers with him. The first one was a card master; he literally pulled thousands of cards from his hands. Making it most impressive? He was wearing a sleeveless shirt.  The second performer was a mind reader who picked people from the audience and correctly guessed what they were thinking.


Angel returned to the stage to perform a few more tricks including his most famous levitation stunt.


It was a very entertaining show; kudos to the Goodyear Theater for bringing in such a diverse act to this historic venue.

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