Crobot Rocks Out

With Latest Release:


Hard hitting rock and roll is finally making a comeback!


Crobot, a quartet based out of Pennsylvania, are joining the trend of bands that are playing good old fashioned, in your face, hard rock and roll.


The band just released their fourth studio album titled Motherbrain, their first release for Mascot Records, and it rocks. Crunching guitars, melodic riffs, pounding drums and soaring vocals fill this album from start to finish.


Motherbrain opens up with “Burn” which is a heavy driving tune that features great vocals by Brandon Yeagley and it starts the album off in the right direction.


Stand out tracks include “Drown,” “Low Life” and “Stoning The Devil” with the latter being very reminiscent of old school Alice In Chains. 


If you are in the mood to hear a new band with an old school, hard rock feel, check out Crobot, you won’t be disappointed.


You can even check them out live when they open up for Steel Panther during the October portion of their tour. 

Review by Greg Drugan

Photo by Justin Borucki

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