Dead Kennedys Kill At The Agora

May 7th, 2018

The Cleveland Agora hosted a handful of '70s anti-establishment, seminal punk bands this past Friday night.  While many of the bands' members now look like high school math teachers or greyed-at-the-temple accountants, their cred in the formation of the southern California punk scene of the mid 1970s is undeniable.

TSOL (True Sounds of Liberty) and The Dead Kennedys, two important bands to come out of the Los Angeles area in the early Carter years, were joined by a latter-day band with perhaps the best name ever taken as a fight-the-system moniker: Gay Black Republican.  That outfit, founded in 2001, came to the punk scene out of Indianapolis, favoring a different sound a generation removed from their forebears. 

The crowd assembled at the newly-renovated Agora was treated to an evening of old school punk served up by two of the genre's elder statesmen; the night, despite a few lags in stage resets, showed that old rockers never die, they just get louder as their hairlines recede.


Images by Jon Lichtenberg

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