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Japan's avant-garde metal phenomenon DIR EN GREY, masters of the bizarre, uncommon and uncanny, are returning to North America for the first time since 2015 with a headlining tour, TOUR19 This Way to Self-Destruction, consisting of eight dates in the U.S. and one in Mexico throughout December.


With three shows already sold out, the tour kicks off December 5th in Los Angeles (sold out) and goes onto visit Sacramento, Denver (sold out), Chicago, Cleveland, New York (sold out), Dallas, Houston, and Mexico City. 


For the uninitiated, the DIR EN GREY live show is a genuinely jaw-dropping experience. Well-worn phrases are often bandied about in promotional hyperbole, but in the case of this Japanese five-piece featuring vocalist Kyo, guitarists Kaoru and Die, bassist Toshiya, and drummer Shinya, the secretion of blood, sweat and tears is a real prospect, such is the emotion and soul poured into their shows. With their ability to alter the atmosphere and emotion in a second, DIR EN GREY’s renowned live performances yet again promise to be events of the obscure, extraordinary and a pinch of melancholia, feeding the hungry minds of the curious.


This run of dates is a comeback of sorts, given that since touring North America in 2015, the band released their tenth studio album The Insulated World (September, 2018), featuring singles "Utafumi" (詩踏み; "Poetry Trampling") and "Ningen wo Kaburu" (人間を被る; "Wearing Human Skin"), a compilation album Vestige of Scratches (January, 2018), and a live collection FROM DEPRESSION TO________ [mode of 16-17] (August, 2019). 

The North American dates proceed the rock legends returning to Europe and the UK with a tour run in early 2020, which includes stops in Russia, Finland, Germany, Poland and France, among others.


The band is set on proving one more time that they can go even harder, facing stages and their fans head on with an energetic and powerful setlist. Whatever the upcoming setlists look like on this tour, undoubtedly the artistic fusion between hard new songs and all-time favorites, combined with the sheer power and emotion, will drag both old and new followers right back into the nonpareil, sombrous world of DIR EN GREY.


Rolling Stone Japan describes seeing DIR EN GREY live this past October: “DIR EN GREY’s intense performances, lively songs, and Kyo’s screams make you feel like you’re in the deep forest where it rains…the audience shouts like they’re being beaten by Kyo’s shouting. Of course, it’s just fans cheering but it feels like a leaking voice asking for something. And when those voices raise, you realize that people are alive and want to live…Kyo repeatedly provokes the audience with ‘Are you alive?’…Shinya's drumming swells violently, Toshiya's bass also has a heavy beat, Die's guitar is heavy, Kaoru's guitar is noisy and avant-garde, Kyo's death voice is tremendous, the performance was max tension, and as the audience’s emotions peak they shout out the words, screaming as if they’re about to collapse.”

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Photo by Masanori Fujikawa