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Emo Front Men
Lay It Bare
At The Outpost

August 18, 2021 

On Tuesday August 17, 2021 screamo front men Craig Owens and Geoff Rickly co-headlined a double bill at The Outpost in Kent. 


Geoff Rickly, best known as the front man of the early 2000s band Thursday. Most of his set consisted of the songs from the mentioned band. He also touched on “No Sympathy for a Sinking Ship” from his side-project United Nations.  He told the crowd he wrote the song about a bus crash Thursday had in Montana when their bus driver hit a deer going 90 miles per hour and the blood and horror that came from such the crash that luckily every member survived.


Geoff was also very candid about his past addiction woes, hoping up to the crowd about his battles with heroin. He said his addiction came from cocaine provided from a major label executive before the album ‘War All The Time’, the song he wrote for them was “This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb” which provided the best short moment in the set. The next song, a solo number titled “Disappear” went into the depths of how the drugs made him feel. Luckily the band, even during their hiatus helped him get clean and he has been so for four years now.


The honesty and openness of him in front of everyone on stage was harrowing. The set was solo and Geoff used an electric guitar through the eight song set, performing stripped down, less aggressive versions of his work. Three shows into the tour his voice sounded fine tuned and top-notch. He closed out the set with “Turnpike Divide”, a ode to New Jersey from the 2012 album ‘No Devolución”. 


Thursday will be hitting the run next month, September 2021 with Taking Back Sunday and they will playing at Express Live! in Columbus. A not to be missed two hitter. 


Craig Owens, ex-front man of Chiodos closed out the evening. Along with being the front man for Chiodos, Craig has been the front man of four other bands, which he touched on all five projects in his ten song set. The crowd was most receptive to the Chiodos songs, “Intensity in Ten Cities” and “To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything”.  During the latter a second band member joined Craig, using a trash can as a drum after he had forgot them at one. It made for a cool, unique turn on the track. When he started out “I Wanna Be Alone,” he told the story of his need to alone when not on stage. He brings the intensity when performing but when he’s done he likes to be at home reading a book or in the woods. Craig made quick work of the set and the crowd was really involved and into it through out. Just like Geoff before him Craig’s voice sounded strong and well rested having not been strained much in the last year and a half. 


Craig will also be returning later this year with D.R.U.G.S. first tour in 10+ years. They will visit Mahall’s. 


Nate Bergman opened the show with a five song set of acoustic, Americana-style gut wrenching songs. He covered Robyn’s “Dancing Alone”, which is completely different then the stuff he makes but his powerful voice and guitar made it work. 


It was a quick night of striped down music but three enjoyable, good sounding sets made for another sweet return to live music. 

Photos and Review by Troy Smith

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