St. Louis’ Foxing, fresh off the release of their new album Nearer My God , made a tour stop at The Beachland Ballroom on Thursday, August 31st for a roaring show. 


The band hilariously took the stage to a tape of Enya’s “Only Time” and then got right to business with “Gran Paradise,” the lead off track from the new drop. To date the band has released three albums, each one vastly different than the last, so watching them weave in and out of the albums and styles was a real treat.  In the five years since forming, the outfit has grown not only in popularity but in show style. 


Their light show could easily rival tours at the House Of Blues and The Agora; not only is the band  talented but the people they have chosen to work with know how to deliver the mix of reds, blues, greens and whites that really add a much-needed atmosphere to the proceedings.  As they continue to grow it will be exciting to see the evolution of their stage production. 


Mid-way through the set the five-piece torn into “The Medic,” from its 2013 debut The Albatross, which had the entire crowd clapping (on-time) to the song's intro drum tap. Many things may be said about how talented this young band truly is; they played with a raw intensity all evening while landing every single part. Watching guitarists Ricky Sampson & John Hellwig and touring bassist Brett Torrence swing along and lose them selves on stage made the show even easier to get into. When the band is that invested in its craft and landing it, how can it not?


Then there’s front-man Connor Murphy; he isn't just a voice for the band, he flawlessly played the trumpet (and going right back into singing without missing a beat). 

The show clocked in at just over an hour, totally ripping all thirteen songs they played. “Lich Prince,” a stand out track from Nearer My God was one the highlights for me. The final three=-song run of “Slapstick,” “Gameshark” and fan favorite “Rory” kept everyone wanting more and more from Foxing. 


No matter where the road takes Foxing they are a band that should be on everyone's radar, I’m hesitant to call them “indie rock” or “emo” because everything they’ve done was not like the last.

Whatever you want it call I just call it great. And this band's sound will reverberate equally in a five thousand  seat theater or in the  Beachland's more intimate Ballroom setting. 

Review by Troy Smith

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