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Future Islands


Newport Music Hall

August 31, 2018

Greensville, North Carolina-based indie/synth-pop band Future Islands made a tour stop in support of 2017’s The Far Field at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday night. The band brought an energetic, performance art-like show to the stage.


Opening with “Ran,” off their most recent release, the band was quick to work the crowd into a fever pitch.  Front man Sam Herring rapidly made the stage his canvas and didn't let go until the moment the band walked off the stage.  He was front, center, left, right, down and everywhere on the stage, while the rest of the band  comfortably stood, safely behind him. 


A lot of can be said about how Herring performs; rarely have I seen a front-man that produces so much energy and sweat during a show that wasn’t for a metal and/or hardcore band.  Throughout the show he went from singing to growling to down-right screaming.  The crowd was loving every second of it,  giving back the energy to the band tenfold.


While the twenty-song set relied heavily on the bands last two albums, The Far Field and Singles, the band treated die-hard fans to “Flicker & Flutter,” which the band hadn't performed since 2006. 


When the band performed “Seasons (Waiting on You),” the four-piece stopped and the crowd was cheering at a deafening level that rivaled a Justin Bieber concert.  The last three songs “Tin Man,” “Fall from Grace” and “Spirit” where the perfect combo in which to close the show.


The outfit came back after a short encore break with “Viero’s Eyes.”   Sam told the crowd that it was their "Last chance to dance with us” and the audience responded by dancing and going crazy. The band closed it’s ninety-five minute show with “Little Dreamer.”

Review by Troy Smith

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