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Greta Van Fleet

From The Fires 

Song by Song Review

This isn't the first time we've heard of Greta Van Fleet and it won't be the last. Their Album, From The Fires is just the start of their journey to bring  straight up Rock 'n Roll into the new millennium. These millennial rockers opened for Bob Seger on a few dates during his 2017 tour.  If you want to read more about the band and their  Summer 2017 concert at The Grog Shop, click here. 

Michigan-bred twin brothers, Josh and Jake Kiszka, lead this throwback band on vocals and guitar. Josh may have a crazy look in his eyes during some of those infamous screams, but other than that the resemblance between the two is uncanny. Younger brother Sam strums the bass and kills the keyboard while close friend Danny Wagner keeps the boys on beat with the drums.

This good old American Rock band launched their debut studio EP, Black Smoke Rising, in April of 2017. To view their website click here!

Safari Song

Enters with the classic scream Greta Van Fleet is becoming known for, although the rest of the song is more of a fast pace talk rather than singing. Sounds like a song a man in his forties would sing about a woman he loved; maybe it's titled "Safari Song" because love is as crazy as a safari. Drums and guitar mesh nicely, really highlighting how talented each member of the band is.


"Edge Of Darkness"

Showcasing more of a darker grunge vibe than the rest of the album, this tune definitely sounds like they’re on the edge of darkness. The guitar work really shines towards the end of this song with a deep riff.

"Flower Power"

Sounds a tad bit country initially; some could say this song veers more towards the folk genre. Guitar rips into a slow part of lyrics immersed with imagery about how “As the night begins to dark, we are the morning birds that sing against the sky." On such an emotional ride, it's only fit that the keyboard softly lulls your ears until the end.

"A Change Is Gonna Come"

More of a soulful ballad, for those who don’t know this is a cover of Sam Cooke’s 1964 hit, they would think Josh is singing as a man older than he is because he’s speaking about death and how inevitable change is.  A strong gospel undercurrent is used in this song to help shed light on how emotionally powerful and relevant is was, and is still is.

"Highway Tune"

The Lead single, "Highway Tune," is fast paced rock with a hint of back road. From the vocals to the drums to the guitars, it has the same non-stop energy of the highway, truly showing how Greta Van Fleet is as unstoppable as Rock 'n Roll was in the 80's.

"Meet On The Ledge"

Somber tune with acoustic feel, the accompanying band vocals add depth and a sense of group being. Picks up into a guitar and a quick drum solo towards the end.

"Talk On The Street"

Back to the quick-paced rock and central guitar we’re used to from Greta Van Fleet. Showcases long vocals that sound more like the young Josh Kiszka rather than the legendary Led Zeppelin. Talented guitarist Jake Kiszka really shines in this song with his nimble-fingered solo.

"Black Smoke Rising"

A perfect song for those of you just hearing about Greta Van Fleet. It’s that vintage rock we all recognize but with a hint of '90s that will turn younger listeners into huge fans.

Hear more of this outfit's music at their website and keep up to date with North Coast Music Beat to learn when they're coming back to the North Coast!

Review by Courtney Ramey

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