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Greta Van Fleet's

Anthem Of The

Peaceful Army

Album Review

October 14, 2018

Greta Van Fleet are about to release their highly-anticipated debut album titled Anthem Of The Peaceful Army on October 19.

After releasing two EPs in 2017, the brothers Kiszka (Josh-vocals, Jake-guitar, Sam-bass) and friend Danny Wagner (drums) returned to the studio to hone their singing, playing and songwriting ability.

Fans of the band will not be disappointed as this album delivers exactly what you would expect: soaring vocals, crunching guitars, solid bass lines and pounding drums.  

This ten-track LP starts off with "Age Of Man," a long (over six minutes) mid-tempo tune with mystical lyrics such as "To a wonderland of ice and snow."  Which, interestingly, may be the North Coast in about six weeks.

The next two tracks, "The Cold Wind" and the first single, "When The Curtain Falls" are pure rockers and are sure to be staples in their live set.

"You're The One" and "The New Day" are acoustic tunes where the former has a Hammond B3 organ solo that fits perfectly into the fabric of the song, while the latter has a tasty electric guitar solo allowing Jake to lay down some nice licks.

The slide guitar is featured on "Mountain Of The Sun," and the album closes with the hopeful "Anthem" with the lyrics: "To save yourself in your own time, you'll have to stay and open up your own mind."

Yes, Greta Van Fleet's sound is very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, however this quartet has put their own spin on it.  This record is exactly what the rock world needs: young people playing real instruments and singing without auto-tune.

Anthem of the Peaceful Army is a throwback album where you put it on and just sit back and listen to the entire thing.   I could just imagine putting the vinyl on the turntable, holding the album cover, looking at the artwork and reading the liner notes and lyric sheet. 


Just like the good ol' days!

If you like a '70s classic rock sound with a variety of songs, this album is for you.












Album review by Greg Drugan

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