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Five Things You'll Love About Jaclyn Palmer

 & Her New EP

1. She’s a Cleveland Native!

Well, actually Lorain. But Cleveland Magazine named her one of the city’s "Most Interesting People of 2016." She has degrees in music therapy and vocal performance and has performed her own compositions across the globe. She's even conducted the world’s largest music therapy study in history by using live music in the surgical arena to help reduce a patient's stress prior to going under the knife.

2. She Merges Film And Music In Uniquely Amazing Ways

Merging these two powerful mediums is very important to Jaclyn. Her original music has been used for television shows along with movies, one even starring the fabulous Joan Rivers. Watch Jaclyn’s personal video, A Loaded Gun, here.  The video features an intense commentary on gun violence and was an official selection at the 2017 Orlando Film Festival.


3. Currently The ONLY American Contestant On The Voice of Holland

Before moving overseas for the show, Jaclyn lived in Los Angeles where she and her music were featured on BRAVO, TLC, VH1, MTV, HGTV and Time Warner. Being the only American on the show, competing in a foreign country has to be challenging! 


4. Jaclyn Palmer’s Voice Is That Of A Beautiful Violin

The first single, “Love The Bodies We’re In,” is easily the strongest tune on the record.

It captures her delicate, worldly voice alongside her acoustic guitar. Featuring Eva Waterbolk, this duet will caress your ears and bring you into the feminine part of your soul you never knew was there. She hits a high note in the beginning that reminds me of a flower petal gently falling through the breeze.


5. Her EP Will Be Available January 16th!

After listening to all of her music (after reading this, of course), you won’t have to wait for more! Be It Wild Or Poetic is a seven song EP that is filled with a variety of musical styles:

“Freedom Ring” is a more upbeat song that has a traditional Americana feel to it.


“Pretend” is a stark tune about a break-up that features Palmer’s strong voice accompanied by  a lilting piano.


The uplifting tune “Be Epic” is followed by the slower, introspective song “War.”


The EP ends on a high note with the happy and hopeful song “Love Is All.”


Jaclyn Bradley Palmer’s new EP is definitely worth checking out.  It will be available everywhere on January 16th.    

For more information about Jaclyn, click here.

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