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Jared Leto Swings By The Rock Hall

April 3rd, 2018

Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman and Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto made a stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tuesday morning. 

In support of TSTM's new album, America, Leto is traveling across the country and making stops in various cities, doing pop-up shows and appearances prior to the album's April 6th release.  By that time, Leto will have made several stops between New York and Los Angeles, his final destination.

This morning, the Rock Hall hosted an album listening party prior to the frontman's appearance.  After the last track faded, Leto took to the stage and thanked the smallish Tuesday morning crowd for stopping by.  He pulled a young fan onto the stage and posed for a selfie with her.  Discussing the intent of his solo cross-country trip
 he said, "To celebrate the album, I'm literally hitchhiking across the country.  I'm going to be running and walking, and maybe taking a donkey through the Grand Canyon.  If I'm lucky, I'll get a hot air balloon (ride)."

Discussing the five-year journey this new album has been, he seemed excited about its impending Friday drop.  Smiling and then thanking the crowd once again, Leto bid farewell to the 216, saying he'd be back in June for a Thirty Seconds To Mars tour stop at Blossom Music Center on June 6th.

For tickets to the June 6th show, please click here.  

Photo and Article by Brian M. Lumley

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