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JD & The 

Straight Shot

The Great Divide

Album Review

JD & The Straight Shot have released a great new Americana album titled The Great Divide.  This is the band’s seventh full length album and they really have really hit the mark with this one.


The album kicks off with the title track which accurately describes the current political mood of the country.  Singer/guitarist James Dolan notes how people have taken sides and nobody is willing to listen to each other and as a result, the country is more divided than ever.


“It Must Be Night” features some nice banjo and fiddle playing by

Byron House and Erin Slaver respectively.


“Bee” is an upbeat number that gets your head bobbin’.  However, the lyrics tell a cautionary tale of how things and people can be positive, “bees give you honey” but they can also “sting you too.”


Another toe-tapper is “Walkin’ On A Wire” that would fit nicely in their live set.


The album closes with two cover songs.  The first is a spot-on cover of The Turtles “Happy Together.”  The second is an interesting cover of The Allman Brothers classic “Jessica” that once again features some great fiddle work by Slaver and acoustic guitar playing by Jim Dolan and Carolyn Dawn Johnson, while Marc Copley adds some tasty bits of mandolin to the mix.


The Great Divide is a timely record that speaks about current issues and matters to which everyone can relate.   A fantastic ensemble of backing musicians and interesting musical arrangements provide a continuity throughout the album.

Review by Greg Drugan

Photo credit: Caesar Sebastian

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