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JD & The 

Straight Shot

Release New Single

"The Great Divide"

Americana band, JD & The Straight Shot have released a thought provoking video for their latest song, “The Great Divide.”  The song is the title track of their forthcoming album which should be released later this year.


In this day and age of auto-tune and songs without much substance, it is refreshing to hear a throwback style song that speaks directly to the current political and social climate of our country.


JD & The Straight Shot are not taking one side or the other.  They are simply pointing out that instead of coming together, the divide between us seems to be growing because we aren't willing to listen to each other.  The lyrics: “Can’t see your point, because I’m blind.  Can’t hear your voice, not changing my mind.” illustrate this perfectly.

Click here to watch the video. 


After hearing this song, I am excited to hear what JD & The Straight Shot has in store for us when the album, The Great Divide gets released.

Song review by Greg Drugan

Photo credit: Caeser Sebastian