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Matt and Kim Really Blow It Up At HOB

September 21st, 2018

A great live performance consists of artists more than just standing still on a stage while passively offering a few tunes. Hopefully, and audience can expect a full-blown production on stage.  Sometimes, as in Thursday night's show, you get that in more than just one way.


Brooklyn-based indie electronic duo, Matt and Kim brought their talents to Cleveland’s House of Blues on Thursday, September 20th. The band consists of vocalist and keyboardist Matt Johnson and drummer Kim Schifino.


The pair released their latest album Almost Everyday in May of this year.




Since 2004, the duo has released six albums.  Starting modestly after graduating from art school, the self-taught musicians started to gain a following from their numerous coffee house-circuit gigs.  They've played a few mega-fests such as Firefly and Coachella along the way.


Through the years, the band has been known for their energetic, and always interesting, live performances. The duo did not disappoint their fanbase at Cleveland’s House of Blues. As soon as they hit the stage, Johnson and Schifino radiated a whole lotta energy. This feeling was returned as most of the crowd danced to the first strains of their tune “It’s Alright."


Throughout the entire show, the duo encouraged audience members to get involved.

Towards the beginning of the evening, the band asked the audience to split themselves down the middle of the venue. They then commanded audience members to charge towards each other and create a “wall of death." Filled with laughter, and perhaps a little apprehension, the opposing sides safely ran to the other side of the venue while playfully running into one another.


The crowd was eager to see what the duo had to offer after ever song, unsure of what was to come.


At one point, Kim traded in her drumsticks for giant, ahem, dildos. The crowd stared in disbelief while Kim continued playing.





During their song “overexposed," Matt shouted for venue workers to bring out the several bags of balloons they had prepared for the show. The audience chanted in anticipation as tons of balloons were dumped all over them. Laughter could be heard throughout the venue as the crowd punted the balloons from GA to the balcony above.


Balloons were not the only object thrown throughout the audience.


Matt and Kim created their own personal blow-up dolls with their faces printed on them. At first, many audience members seemed to be a bit overwhelmed touching these blow up dolls. But soon after, they were thrown throughout the whole venue, making their way up to the old people seats.


As the last song of the night, “Let’s Go” came to an end, the crowd let them know they'd be welcomed back to the 216 whenever they get the urge.

Not a second of Matt and Kim’s performance was dull; they keep you on your feet, ready for, well, pretty much anything.


The next time Matt and Kim make their way to Cleveland, it'll be a show you won't want to miss.

Who knows what sorts of PVC they'll bring to the stage next.

Photos and Review by Madison Brattoli

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