Ozzy Osbourne

Closes Out Blossom

Season And His

Touring Career

September 18th, 2018

The final show of the 2018 season at Blossom Music Center served as sort of a triple whammy: The show was legendary radio station WMMS  100.7's 50th Anniversary concert, Blossom’s last concert of its 50th year, and Ozzy Osbourne's current tour, entitled No More Tours 2. is his 50th year on the road.

Fifty years is a pretty impressive landmark for all of them.  After a half century of giving the world his very certain brand of entertainment, throngs of people are still just as excited to see Ozzy perform as they were during the throes of the Viet Nam War.


The Prince of Darkness' set started with a video montage of old footage and then the band got right to it with “Bark at the Moon” and “Mr. Crowley.” It didn’t take long for the capacity crowd to become “crazy mother!*#%$!”  Mr. Osbourne didn’t need to do much to get the crowd going but it didn’t stop him from telling the crowd that the crazier it got, the crazier he got. The masses followed orders and so did Ozzy – he clearly still enjoys being on stage and the night went off without any bats, thankfully, getting their heads bitten off.


Most of the set focused on the Ozzma’s solo material but the Black Sabbath classics did not go untouched: “Fairies Wear Boots," “War Pigs,” and “Paranoid” all found their way into the fifteen song set. Ozzy’s longest standing guitar player Zakk Wylde took the helm at the end of “War Pigs,” offering a roaring solo which led into an instrumental melody of four songs – “Miracle Man," “Crazy Babies," “Desire,” and “Perry Mason,” which then segued into a drum solo by percussionist Tommy Clufetous. All four members are seasoned metal musicians, but the light always shines brightest on Wylde; his solos get the highest reaction out of the crowd, even if it seemed mid-way through the melody the crowd was growing restless and awaiting Ozzy’s return. Some of Zakk’s noodling and guitar squeals left some old metalheads yearning for Randy Rhodes.


Ozzy came back out to perform a few more tunes. “Crazy Train” was, of course, one of the highlights of the evening. A quick encore break had Ozzy himself chanting, “One more song!”

The band finished up with “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” and the previously mentioned “Paranoid."   At sixty-nine,  Mr. Osbourne still has a good time on stage with his signature water hose that he sprayed down the crowd with as he bopped and hopped around the stage, clapping for the entire 105 minutes.  Although billed as his last tour and that he would be retiring from touring after this, Ozzy told the crowd that this wasn’t his last tour by a long shot and that he wanted to see everyone again soon. It had been eight years since he last played Northeast Ohio.


Stone Sour opened the show with a ten song, fifty-minute set. Front-man Corey Taylor worked through the Stone Sour hits “Bother” and “Through the Glass." The crowd loved it even if at times he sounded like his voice needs a few nights off. Guitarist Josh Rand blew his knee out before the start of the tour and, instead of getting a replacement or cancelling, he did the most admirable thing and employed a chair,  playing through the set.

Before Stone Sour took the stage the current on-air staff of WMMS: Rover’s Morning Glory, members of The Allan Cox Show and Corey Roddick came out and Rover and Allan talked briefly about the storied history of the legendary radio station.


It was a beautiful night out with a packed house that loved every second of the show; it was a great way for Blossom to close out its 50th year.   

Review by Troy Smith