Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Bring A Large Flock To The House Of Blues

March 24, 2019

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong brought a trippy jam fest to the House Of Blues on Friday. PPPP is one of the quickest rising bands within the jam scene and one quick look at the rowdy, near capacity crowd would tell you that. The outfit has released four albums to date and over the course of the evening they touched on all of them. 


The quartet matched the crowd's high energy over the near-three hour, double set. They opened with the funky “Henrietta,” a nice jam that would sound welcome amid any mid-Summer festival. Just two days into the spring season, the band's sounds and colorful lighting made it feel like a nice summer evening. 


They covered the Pink Panther theme with an extra groovy jam sessions that led in and out of the bands song “Offshoot.” The most playful moment of the evening came before “Somethin’ For Ya” as the band brought out its special guest: Tiny Desk Ric Flair.  A "Nature Boy" action figure stood on top of a tiny desk and led the crowd in the “wooos” of the tune's chorus. 


The band played it tight, loud and long all night. At times showing very skilled tempo and beat changes, but at other times it felt as if the guitarist might have been re-jamming the same sections he already played.

To compliment the impressive sounds, the band had a very colorful and bright light show that matched all the tie-dye in the crowd.


It was a rousing start to the weekend that had the crowd going bonkers until early into Saturday morning. 

Review by Troy Smith

Photos by Greg Drugan

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