The Verdict Is In:


Still Rocks

July 13, 2019

Progressive-metal band, Queensryche brought The Verdict tour to MGM's Center Stage last night for a evening of great hard rock.

The Verdict is Queensryche's fifteenth studio album and the third one that features Todd  La Torre on vocals.  The band treated fans to four songs from their latest album including, "Light-years," "Man the Machine" and "Propaganda Fashion."

Opening the show with "Blood of the Levant," the band was firing on cylinders.  Original members Micheal Wilton (guitars) and Eddie Jackson (bass) were backed by Parker Lundgren (guitar) and touring drummer Casey Grillo.

La Torre's vocals were spot-on all evening as he proceeded to hit all of the high notes and screams on songs like "Queen Of The Reich" and "Screaming In Digital."

The band played songs from nine different albums, hitting on many different aspects of their career.

During "Take Hold The Flame," Akron's own Tim "Ripper" Owens made a guest appearance to sing back up on the song.

Of course, the bands biggest hit "Silent Lucidity" became a giant sing-a-long where many audience broke out their cellphones to record the moment.

The set came to a close with "Eyes Of A Stranger," the only song from their brilliant concept album Operation: Mindcrime that was played. 

The band returned to play a three song encore that featured two songs from 1990's Empire, "Jet City Woman" and "Empire."

Overall, the band sounded fantastic and seemed energized by playing the new material.  

The Verdict is: this band rocks!

Photos and review by Greg Drugan

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