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Predicting The Rock Hall Class Of 

It's that time of year again.

The annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballots must be submitted soon and it is also the last week for fan voting at the Rock Hall's web site.  The top five winners of the fan vote will comprise a ballot (or two?) that will be included in the voting. 

First, I will give you my selections as to who I voted for on the fan ballot.  I really wish I had an actual ballot, but I don't.  However, I found out that people like former MLB All-Star Mike Piazza has a ballot.  This makes no sense.  I guess it's who you know!

Secondly, I will give you my predictions on who I think will get voted in this year.

Here's my ballot and rational for each band or artist.

Duran Duran  They are 80s icons.  They helped usher in the MTV video era with visually splashy videos, great songs and better yet, they all actually played their own instruments!  They have been around for over 40 years and they are long over due to be inducted.

Pat Benatar  You mean this rock and roll trail blazer isn't in already?  The answer is no!  A huge oversight on the Rock Hall's part for not putting Pat Benatar and her husband and writing partner, Neil Geraldo in years ago.  This is a no-brainer.

Judas Priest  You mean these heavy metal trail blazers aren't in already?  Yes, this is a common theme with the Rock Hall.  They don't really like hard rock music.  I would say there are as many hip-hop acts in the Rock Hall as heavy metal or hard rock acts.  It's time metal gets represented!  Priest must get in this year and Iron Maiden next!

Rage Against The Machine  I really do think there should be more rock acts in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I am not one of those people who think that other genres don't belong (as you will see with my next vote) but soooo many rock acts are overlooked and haven't even appeared on a ballot.  These guys are unique in their sound, by fusing rock and hip hop with political lyrics.  The Rock Hall loves Tom Morello, but we will see if they finally put them in.

Eminem  He is the only artist on the ballot in his first year of eligibility.  He may be the last slam dunk artist that gets in on their first try.  He changed hip hop and brought it to the suburbs.  His performance with LL Cool J at last years ceremony was one of the main highlights of the show and I'm sure it stuck with voters that were in the audience.  He has my vote.


Who I think actually gets in as the Class of 2022.


Pat Benatar- Yes, the voters are finally correcting this over sight.  She has the hits, the influence and longevity.  


Duran Duran- Simon LeBon and John Taylor inducted Roxy Music a couple of years ago and made an impression on the members of the audience.  I'm surprised they didn't make the ballot sooner, but I believe they will get in.


Judas Priest- How can you tell the story of heavy metal with out Judas Priest?  You can't!  They are the link between Black Sabbath and Metallica.  Voters may actually wise up to this fact and vote them in.


Eminem-  The Rock Hall likes to stay relevant with the younger fans and Eminem checks all of the boxes.  Coming off last years performance with LL Cool J and the Super Bowl, he is on voters minds.  

A Tribe Called Quest-  The Rock Hall likes to show how diverse they can be and A Tribe Called Quest is very diverse in their music.  Creating hip hop that mixes jazz and alternative rock, these 90s rappers have inspired a slew of hip hop stars today.

There is usually a surprise and I think Fela Kuti or Dionne Warwick or maybe even both get in!  I don't think either deserve it, but both of these artist have been on the ballot two years in a row.

The big controversy this year has been Dolly Parton.  A few weeks after her nomination on the ballot, she publicly stated that she wanted to be removed from consideration because she has not made a rock and roll record.  However, the Rock Hall has kept her on the ballot as a performer.

I think the Rock Hall will put  her in as and "Early Influence" which I feel is more fitting than as a performer.

I also think a few more artists will be put in as "Early Influence" or "Musical Excellence" categories just like last year.  Chaka Kahn, Carole Kaye and Paul Rodgers come to mind for those categories. 

We will find out some time in May when the Class of 2022 will be revealed.  

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