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Spring Mosh


Set To Debut

At Streetsboro High

November 16th

88.9 FM The AlterNation and Wyno View Production present the story behind SPRING MOSH ’99- “The Show that Never Happened.”

See the footage, hear the stories, and relive V-Rock history in this very special documentary. On April 24, 1999 - 4 artists, headlined by metal band, Mushroomhead, were to play Streetsboro High School with a   V-Rock benefit, titled Spring Mosh ‘99. Then the public controversy began, a government roadblock, a city divided, and more media than Streetsboro had ever seen before.

Now 20 years later, The AlterNation and Wyno View Production present a piece of history with Spring Mosh ’99- The Documentary.

The planned Mosh concert had been the target of three area residents who claimed that the concert was not suitable for the town and that a negative band should not perform within the community. Later it was learned that this group, some based from local churches, had approached the mayor and leaned for the cancellation. The students began the fight and rallied for days for support, along with a 4 ½ hour conflict during a city council meeting. Soon ALL local media picked up the story along with national attention from The Tonight Show and even Howard Stern. The ACLU soon became involved and threatened legal action stating that the concert was cancelled based on “Content Discrimination” and not legitimate safety reasons. The Streetsboro Law Director, along with council members agreed to Veto the mayor’s decision and change the ordinance allowing the school to be except from such permit. The show was back on!! The 1,500 tickets quickly sold out in days, but the controversy continued.


Just days before the planned (April 24th) show, a shooting took place in Littleton, Colorado at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. The accused individuals made references to metal music genre during the shooting. Days later, threatening materials of two Streetsboro students were discovered in lockers at the Middle School. At that time, the decision was made by school officials to cancel, Spring Mosh’ 99.  

The film is being screened at the Streetsboro High School Auditorium on Saturday, November 16th.  

Doors at 6pm/Film at 7pm