The Struts Are Set

To Play Starlight

Drive In On August 21

In Butler, PA

It's time to rock!

The Struts, a great British rock band, have a unique opportunity to play a live show at the Starlight Drive In, in Butler, PA on August 21.

The cost is $150 to $300 per car (up to four people).  You can get out of your car and sit on lawn chairs or blankets, but you have to stay in your parking space.

There are several other safety precautions taking place as well as other rules and regulations.  

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 am.  Click the link here for tickets and all of the regulations. 

The Struts are coming off of their 2018 album Young & Dangerous.  The band has kept busy during the pandemic by releasing a series of YouTube videos titled Sunday Service.  The series featured the band doing some quarantined  cover songs, tours of their apartments in LA, and some live performances. 

So get some of your friends together and make the trek to Butler, PA to rock out with The Struts! 

I'll see you there!