Kiwi Outfit The Beths To Rock The Beachland March 5th

Every so often I pick up a new album, sometimes out of curiosity or because the cover intrigues me, and I curse myself for spending the three or so seconds it takes me to load it into my car stereo.  Other times, and those are much more rare, do I pop the disc into my trusty little vehicle's sound system and am overwhelmed...consumed... by what I hear.

A few months ago I happened to check out New Zealand outfit The Beths new album Future Me Hates Me and was hooked by the guitar-driven power pop sound of this quartet.  Initially drawn to it by the CD's cover (good job, by the way, graphic designer, whomever you are), I was pleasantly surprised by frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes' powerful voice. Punctuated by a foot-tapping, butt-moving beat, this is an album that John Hughes would have used in one of his teen angsty movies if he was still alive.  And still making teen-angsty movies.  Not that this is a morose, Robert Smith kinda record, because it's not.  The tunes are frothy, upbeat ditties that only have morose titles.  

All four members of The Beths studied jazz at university, resulting in a toolkit of deft instrumental chops and tricked-out arrangements that operate on a level rarely found in guitar-pop.

The band will be playing the Beachland Ballroom along with co-headliner,  Minneapolis-based Bad Bad Hats, on Tuesday, March 5th.  Touring in support of their first full-length drop Future Me Hates Me, this will be the band's only area appearance.  However, I'm sure it won't be the last.  

This is one of the better debut albums I've heard in the last several years; I'm excited to see what they may come up with next.

For tickets and more information, please click here.