The Motels


Totally 80's Live


The Motels are bringing the '80s to The House Of Blues on February 8th when they will appear as a part of Totally 80's Live along with Bow Wow Wow and When In Rome II.

The Motels hit the MTV airwaves in 1982 with two big videos, "Only The Lonely" and "Take The L."  They had continued success with "Suddenly Last Summer" from 1983's Little Robbers.

Another MTV video in heavy rotation was "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow.  Original bassist, Leigh Gorman is bringing his version of the band to The House Of Blues.

When In Rome II featuring original keyboardist of When In Rome, Michael Floreale will bring there huge hit "The Promise" and other tunes to the HOB stage.

You can get 2 tickets for $20 by clicking here