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Nawlins-Based The Revivalists Put On A Helluva Good Show At Jacobs

BML_Photography_5293_RT_The Revivalists_
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May 16th, 2019

Last night, New Orleans-based The Revivalists played on a beautiful mid-Spring evening to a large-ish Jacobs Pavilion crowd. The second show of Jacobs' loooooooong summer lineup, the eight-piece band really turned up the heat as the sun set blisteringly-orange over the lake.  Led by frontman David Shaw, this is the first time the octet has played the Cleveland area since their 2017 appearance at LaureLive. 

Touring in support of  their 2017 release Take Good Care, the crowd ate up this bluesy,  Roots-Rock vibe.  Recently adding a second percussionist to their lineup, the wall of sound got folks on their feet early in the hundred-minute gig and kept them going until the outfit's two-tune encore. 

Perhaps best known for their 2016 hit "Wish I Knew You," the band was heralded by Rolling Stone magazine as one of "10 Bands That You Need To Know." 


Obviously, people heeded the mag's advice.

Starting off the evening bathed in layers of purple, blue, and fuchsia light, the energy really picked up when vocalist Shaw dropped the guitar and jumped down to the stage extension protruding into the audience and gave the barrier guests a rich, up-n-close encounter. Leading the crowd through a barrage of the band's hits, including "You Said It All" and "Catching Fireflies," Shaw and company closed with "Wish I Knew You."  


Opening was Maryland-bred Maggie Rose, a young chanteuse who resembled a young Madonna or even a yellow-haired Miley Cyrus.  Her soulful voice led a seven-member ensemble, making for, at times, a very busy stage.  She's one to keep an eye on; ostensibly touring in support of her 2017 release Change The Whole Thing, her soulful voice has a tinge of Janis, and a whole lotta future wrapped up into it.


Photos and Review by Brian M. Lumley

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