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They Might Be Giants Giants Among Men


February 12th, 2018

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket to the Beachland Ballroom's  sold out Sunday night They Might Be Giants show, you missed an interesting evening. I was instantly confused when the opening band came onto the stage amid monstrous cheers. I turned abruptly, and to my surprise, They Might Be Giants were onstage, instruments and all, raring to go.


After an energetic first song, frontman John Flansburgh started with, “I was told seven minutes ago we were going on stage in seven minutes...yes we’re opening for ourselves.” After no explanation about what happened to their support act, the outfit continued on their rambunctious jam session and no one gave it a second thought.


Pinned at the front of the crowd between overzealous fans, I managed to get some pictures of Keyboardist John Linnell. Playing the keys involves not only dexterity, but concentration; one miniscule move past a key and you’ve messed up. To my delight, Linnell put just as much energy and concentration into his vocal performance as he did his keys. He made for some vein-popping photos and even noticed my small camera in the dense crowd. 


Frontman Flansburgh proved he deserved the intense spotlight descending upon him. Showing off his guitar during riffs, jumping around the stage, and singing so quickly at times, it was clear he had been doing this for a long time.  TMBG’s genre is considered a funky mashup of alternative, indie, and experimental rock, for good reason. The concert was unique compared to the ones I’ve been to in the past; the best connection I can make is to Reel Big Fish at Warped Tour; constant energy, never ending smiles, and a comradery that extended from the band to the fans alike.


The songs were shorter, more of a TV show intro-style than the classic three to four minutes we’re all used to. In between breaks there was no silence, TMBG joked with the crowd (along with each other) and even reached out for a few high-fives and handshakes.


Their experimental style has paid off and they have created a unique, upbeat band that can entertain with enticing lyrics as well as sneak in some real human depth.


Weaving out of the crowd I saw nothing but smiles and outlandish dance moves. They Might Be Giants give off an enjoyable electrifying energy and I look forward to them visiting Cleveland again.


Have a dance party now by playing their music, click here to visit their site!


And thanks to the Beachland Ballroom for showcasing such an interestingly diverse taste in music!


Review by Courtney Ramey


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