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Two Hands Grabbing Attention

February 14th, 2018

It takes passion, dedication, and stubbornness to keep a band going, especially one that's gone through multiple instrumentalists. The punk metal duo, Two Hands, have experienced just that. 

Formed by two brothers in late 2012, Two Hands has tried three different bass players over the years. Finding skilled musicians is difficult in itself, but finding ones that can vibe with you in a garage and on stage... difficult, to say the least. Many people have quit after experiencing such obstacles, but these two brothers, Robbie and Liam Fernandez,  have never stopped.

After attending several of their concerts, I have seen how passionate Robbie and Liam really are. Inspired by everything from early '80s Punk to current Indie Rock, they began playing gigs in the summer of 2014, at the advanced ages of 15 and 17. They've been working on their sound for six years now, and I see bright things in this sibling duo's future.

While attending shows at the Happy Dog and the Grog Shop, I felt I was among friends. Probably because every single one of Robbie and Liam's friends were there! No one commits to anything these days, and the fact that their friends paid to go out on a cold Cleveland night to support them is incredible

Two Hands at Happy Dog
Two hands at Happy Dog

This Mets-inspired duo played much of their own music; titles such as "Aquadoc", "Get Off", and "Mell-o" caused the crowd to push and shove in typical metal fashion. The crowds were high-energy and singing along as much as they could keep up.


Liam's hair was moving as fast as his hands were, causing many photos of him to be shrouded in his long dark mane. I'm not sure how his drum set can take such a beating and not fall apart. 

Two Hands finished a set with a White Stripes Cover to really give the crowd a grand finale. While they played it well, they still have a journey ahead of them if they're to achieve their dreams. I have faith in them; they have passion, dedication, and a dose of stubbornness to help them along.

Two Hands has already staged a large tour and plan to again in the near future so keep your eyes open for these Cleveland Natives. Releasing an EP, a new single, and touring in the span of a year takes up a lot of time; how do the boys do it? My best guess would be caffeine and giving up any semblance of a  social life.

But don't worry, they're not too busy for you. They always find time to hang out with friends and fans after their shows.

Working on their first full length album and an upcoming tour they've buried their heads back in the garage. Will they reemerge with more intense guitar solos and lyrical maturity? I hope so.

Will North Coast Music Beat get an exclusive interview with Two Hands? Well, you'll just have to come back and see!

But for now you can visit here to listen to their music and buy some of their unique merch.

Like them on Facebook as well! 

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Article by Courtney A. Ramey

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