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Vanilla Fudge And

The Pat Travers Band

Set To Play

The Kent Stage

September 5th

A great double bill of classic rock will hit The Kent Stage on September 5th when Vanilla Fudge and The Pat Travers Band come to town.

Vanilla Fudge was one of the first American groups to infuse psychedelia into a heavy rock sound to create "psychedelic symphonic rock" an eclectic genre which would, among its many offshoots, eventually morph into heavy metal. Although, at first, the band did not record original material, they were best known for their dramatic heavy, slowed-down arrangements of contemporary pop songs. They built a following by gigging extensively up and down the East Coast, and earned extra money by providing freelance in-concert backing for hit-record girl groups. That led to an offer to record the Supremes' hit "You Keep Me Hanging On," which became a Top Ten smash. 

The band's original lineup - vocalist and organist Mark Stein, bassist and vocalist Tim Bogert, lead guitarist/vocalist Vince Martell, and drummer and vocalist Carmine Appice - recorded five albums from 1967 - 1969. The band is currently touring with three of the original members, adding Pete Bremy on bass as Bogert retired in 2009.

The Pat Travers Band currently consists of Pat Travers (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Tommy Craig (drums), and David Pastorius (bass/vocals). Their most recent release is 2015's Retro Rocket. As a solo artist and band leader, Travers has continued to be significant player item in the hard rock music scene.

Canadian guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Pat Travers is known for his hard hitting, bluesy rock and roll. He released his self-titled solo debut in 1976, and formed The Pat Travers Band two years later. In 1979, the group released the live album Live! Go for What You Know, which charted in the Top 40 in the United States. The Pat Travers Bands' biggest hits, are "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)," "Snortin' Whiskey," "I La La La Love You" and "Crash & Burn." 

Incidentally, Carmen Appice of Vanilla Fudge is one of the notable musicians who have been a part of The Pat Travers Band over the years.

Tickets start at $30 and can be purchased by clicking here. 

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