Skillet, Alter Bridge

And Dirty Honey


The Agora

October 8, 2019

A great triple-bill of rock and roll hit The Agora stage last Saturday night.  Skillet and Alter Bridge are on a co-headlining tour where each band takes turns closing the show.  Up and comers Dirty Honey warm up the crowd with their brand of bluesy classic rock. 

Dirty Honey, took the first with a great 35 minute set.  Opening the show with "Scars" from their self-titled EP, the band was rocking from the start.  A new song, "Break You" was added to the set and singer Marc LaBelle told the audience that it was just released the day before on streaming services.

When this talented quartet broke into "When I'm Gone," which happens to be the number one song on rock radio, the place went crazy.  Their seven song set came to a close with "Rolling 7s" which left fans wanting more.

Next up was Alter Bridge who are out supporting their latest album Walk The Sky.  Led by guitarist Mark Tremonti and singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy, the band was firing on all cylinders from the opening notes of "Wouldn't You Rather."

Myles Kennedy has been here a few times with Slash and as a solo artist.  Tremonti has also played here with his namesake band just last year.  But it has been over three years since Alter Bridge has played in Cleveland.


The enthusiastic crowd was with the band on every note they played and word they sang.  Songs like "Rise Today," "Addicted To Pain" and "Blackbird" got a great reaction from the audience.

Their seventy-five minute ended with a great version of "Open Your Eyes."

Skillet was the final band to perform that evening.

They are out supporting their latest album Victorious and proceeded to play four songs from that album.

This band has a ton of energy and they really whip their die-hard fan base into a frenzy.  Singer/bassist John Cooper is all over the stage, prowling, pacing and jumping around.

During the third song "You Ain't Ready," Cooper attached two huge CO2 pipes to  his already buff arms, and gave shots of fog through out the performance for a pretty cool effect. 

Fans were happy to hear tunes like "Feel Invincible," "Hero" and "Comatose" sprinkled through the set.

The energy level remained high as the band played the closing notes "The Resistance" to end the show.

Three bands, with three different styles rocked The Agora on a perfect fall evening.



Review and photos by Greg Drugan 

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