Jason Bonham

Brought An Evening

Of Zeppelin Music

To The Masonic Auditorium

December 7, 2018

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening stopped at the newly renovated Masonic Auditorium on Wednesday night to relive the music of one of rock music's most beloved bands.

Bonham, the son of legendary drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham, has been performing the music of Led Zeppelin for the past eight years.  Although he told the audience he originally put the band together for a "one off" show, he decided to keep doing it to "honor my father" and to keep the music alive.

Zeppelin music was alive and well in Cleveland and the 1500 or so fans in attendance sang, danced, and air drummed along with every song. 

A variety of Zeppelin tunes were played, showing just how diverse the band really was.  They played some rockers like "Black Dog," "Rock and Roll" and "The Ocean."  They also played some more experimental songs like "In My Time Of Dying" and "The Song Remains The Same." 


Perhaps my favorite part of the set was when the band went acoustic and played "Going to California" and "Hey Hey What Can I Do" which was the B-side to "The Immigrant Song" and was never released on a  Zeppelin album.  Jason even quipped, "This has become some of the fans' favorite part of the show, which is ironic because I don't play!"

Of course, the band had to play two of Zeppelin's biggest songs, "Kashmir" and "Stairway To Heaven."

This Led Zeppelin experience finally came to a close with the lead track from Led Zeppelin II, "Whole Lotta Love."

I'd say that he's made his father very proud.

Review and photos by Greg Drugan

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