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Andy Summers
Entertained Fans With Solo And Police Tunes


October 17, 2023

Andy Summers, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist from The Police, brought his instrumental solo show to The Kent Stage last night. 

The evening was filled with stories, Summer's photography which was projected on the huge video screen at the back of the stage and of course some incredible music and guitar playing.

Summers mostly played jazzy instrumental pieces from his solo career accompanied with his photographs from his world travels.  He also told some stories from where the photographs came from and a few stories from his time with The Police.

The first song by The Police came early in the set.  It was a deep cut from the groups final album Synchronicity titled "Tea In The Sahara."

Andy played a few more tunes including "Spain" and a cover of Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight." 

Then it was time for the first hit song of his career, "Roxanne."  Summers told the audience that the song changed his life, as well as the life of Sting and Stewart Copeland.  He noted that it started out as a bossa nova but that didn't quite fit the tune.  He said he got so popular that they even put it in a movie.  He then played the famous Eddie Murphy clip from Trading Places where he sings the tune with his headphones on. 

More jazz inspired tunes and more stories soon followed.

However, the last three songs were what most of the fans came to hear.  Tunes from The Police.  In that regard, he came through.  A great rendition of "Spirts In The Material World" was followed by "Bring On The Night."

The eighty year old guitarist returned to encore with the fabulous "Message In A Bottle," bringing his night of music, images and stories to a close.

Review and cellphone photos by Greg Drugan



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