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Echosmith press photo 1_credit Ariana Ve


Brought Their

Pop Rock Stylings

To The Beachland

Echosmith stopped at The Beachland Ballroom on Monday evening. They are currently touring in support of their new record Lonely Generation. Echosmith is a four-piece band made up of three siblings and the guitarist who has “become like family” lead-singer Sydney stated late in the evening when introducing the band members to the crowd.

Much of the set was heavily reliant of the album they are supporting, playing nine of the songs from said record through the 16-song set. Early on in the set the band got the crowd signing along with its single “Over My Head”, which was the high-point of energy from the crowd until they played “Bright” a few songs later in the set.

Sydney was very engaged with the crowd, taking the time to talk to the crowd between songs – making sure that everyone knew how much they appreciated the crowd. The crowd appreciated them back, the intimate crowd showed how much the band meant to them even in they didn’t know every one of the new songs.

The band is a family affair: they took time out to sing Happy Birthday to their Mom, who was recovering from a leg injury and their Dad took time from being the sound guy to play on “Every Cries.” The band covered current top 10 song “Don’t Start Now” from Dua Lipa, adding their own spin on it.

After a introduction to each member and a solo from the drummer and guitarist the band closed the show with its 2013 hit “Cool Kids” and made all of the kids feel cool before exiting for the evening and back to the world.

Jaydan Bartles opened the show and Weathers band was direct support, which got the crowd fired up and ready to go for Echosmith.

Review by Troy Smith

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