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Lance Lopez'
New LP
Trouble Is Good
Is Very Good

Lance Lopez the blues/rock guitar slinger who was raised on the Texas blues, has recently released his eighth studio album titled Trouble Is Good.  I have to say, it is indeed very good! 


If you like your blues with more of a rock edge, you should definitely check out Trouble Is Good.


The album starts off with “Easy to Leave” and the first single from the record, “Jam With Me.”  Both tunes feature some great slide guitar playing by Lopez.


“Trouble Is Good” has a funky groove that really gets your head rockin’ and the harmonica solo fits in nicely.


Lopez’ voice is perfect for this type of gritty, rockin’ blues. 


Things slow down on “Uncivil War” which is about a bad breakup or divorce.  Lopez sings, “I’ll be happy with happiness, you keep chasing your bitterness.”  He continues, “I’m getting tired and sick of it all, of fighting this uncivil war.”


“Take A Swing” is a full out rocker while “Slow Down” is more mid-tempo in the vein of early Bad Company.


The album closes with a seven minute epic tune titled “Voyager.”  


Lance Lopez has put out the best album of his career.  His multitude of skills and styles are expressed brilliantly on Trouble Is Good.  

Check out "Jam With Me" below. 


Review by Greg Drugan

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