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Queen Tribute Band

Killer Queen

Slays Hard Rock

July 8, 2018

When it comes to tribute bands, you won't find one that's better than Killer Queen.

The Queen tribute band formed back in 1993 in their native England and have been a popular draw across Europe since then.

This summer, they decided to make the leap across the pond and and tour the US.  They made a stop at the Hard Rock Rocksino on Friday night to a nearly sold-out crowd.

Lead singer Patrick Myers not only has the voice of Freddie Mercury, but he also has the looks and mannerisms of the iconic lead singer down pat.  On top of that, he also plays the piano and guitar just as Freddie did.  The other three band members are also fine musicians that provide great backing vocals.

The set list was literally Queen's greatest hits performed live.  Starting with "One Vision" from the Iron Eagle Soundtrack to "Tie Your Mother Down" the band looked and sounded fantastic.

The only drawback was that several times throughout the show, Myers continually asked the audience to stand up, wave their hands and scream.  Once or twice is appropriate, but it becomes overkill when its done six or seven time in a ninety-minute set.

Besides that, the show was excellent.

"Killer Queen," "Bicycle Race" and my personal favorite, "Somebody To Love" were played to perfection.  

If you are a fan of Queen, do yourself a favor and check out Killer Queen the next time they come to town.

Review by Greg Drugan

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