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The Killers
Kill It In 

March 22, 2023

They say, "the third time's the charm." 

Those words rang true on Sunday night when The Killers finally played in Pittsburgh after cancelling two previous times.

Lead singer Brandon Flowers told the sold-out Petersen Events Center crowd that "if you came for a rock and roll show, you came to the right place!"

The band is out supporting 2021's Pleasure Machine  but they only played two songs, "Runaway Horses" and "Getting By II" from that album.

Instead, the band seemed to focus on their debut record, Hot Fuss and 2020's Imploding the Mirage. 

Flowers is a great front man for the group.  Not only does he sing really well, but he engages the audience and keeps them involved throughout the entire performance.  Whether it be having them sing the chorus to various songs, to having them jump up and down or wave their arms back and forth.

The band members and backup singers are fine musicians themselves and they keep the sound tight.

"All The Things That I've Done" closed out the twenty-one song main set.

The band returned to encore with "The Man" and the ever popular "Mr. Brightside." 

The Killers proved that good things do indeed come for those who wait.

Review by Greg Drugan

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