Post Malone Delivers To Cleveland Millennials 

June 4, 2018

Jacobs Pavilion was nearly bursting at the seams as one of the hottest artists on the planet, Post Malone made a stop there on Saturday night.

The sold out crowd was primarily made up of millennials who apparently have a lot of disposable income as the tickets at the door ranged from $198-$239.  


When I was standing in line at Will-Call, I overheard two young ladies behind me discussing the ticket prices.  The one girl said "I'm buying you a ticket, just don't tell my mom and dad!"

Austin Post, better known as Post Malone first hit the scene three years ago with the song "White Iverson."  Since then he has gone on to be a platinum selling artist who has already broken several streaming records.  

The rapper hit the stage to the beat of "Too Young" where half way through the song he said that he forgot the words.  I'm not sure if he was pulling an old stunt that David Lee Roth perfected back in the '80s or if he genuinely forgot the lyrics.

One thing for certain is that he was genuine in thanking the audience.  He repeatedly said "Thank you ladies and gentlemen" and "You guys rock!" or "you guys kick ass!" several times through out the night and you could tell that he was sincere. 

The young  crowd was into the show from the start; singing every lyric, jumping up and down and dancing to every song.

It really was impressive.

Although he was by himself on stage, Malone was very engaging.  He would introduce some of the songs by saying what they were about.  He mentioned that he wrote the song "Paranoid" because everybody knows where we are due to social media.

He also dedicated "I Fall Apart" to "that bitch who broke my heart."

To show that he is more than a rapper, Post broke out an acoustic guitar and played two acoustic tunes, "Feeling Whitney" and "Stay" from the side of the stage.

Not that the audience needed any prodding, but everyone went crazy when opener 21 Savage came back on stage to sing his lines on their hit "rockstar."

Post closed the show with "White Iverson" and "Congratulations."

21 Savage opened the show with his own style of hip-hop.  Playing several original tunes such as "Savage Mode" and "Close My Eyes" things really got hoppin' when he played tunes where he is featured such as Migos' "BBO" and "Bartier Cardi" by Cardi B.  

Up and coming hip-hop group SOB X RBE got things started early as the four rappers and a couple other guys in their crew traded rhymes and dance moves.  

Review and photos by Greg Drugan

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