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Micah Sheveloff

Delivers On 

New Album Titled


August 9, 2020 

Singer songwriter, Micah Sheveloff recently released a new ten song album titled Rockville.  The Boston native has been on the music scene since the 80’s, touring up and down the coast with a couple of different bands (The Detours and The Voodoo Jets).


After relocating to St. Petersburg, Sheveloff released a few solo albums including 2017’s Live and On Fire.  


On his latest release, Sheveloff hits the mark.  Don’t let the title fool you, Rockville has laid back tunes and vocal stylings that are reminiscent of Joe Jackson and Stephen Bishop and perhaps a touch of Coldplay.


The album kicks off on a high note, ironically enough with the song “High Note.” 


Some other stand out tracks include: “Dynamite,” “Outer Space” and “Favorite Son.”


If you want to mix up your playlist with some nice, relaxing, storytelling tunes, Rockville is the album for you.


You can check out Micah Sheveloff’s Rockville is on several streaming services and by clicking here.  

Review by Greg Drugan

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