Social Distortion

And Flogging Molly

Brought The Punk

To Jacobs

It was a night for American and Irish punk music at Jacobs Pavilion where Flogging Molly and Social Distortion took the stage as a part of their co-headlining Summer Tour. 


Flogging Molly brought their brand of Celtic punk rock on Wednesday night, much to the delight of the several kilt wearing men (and women) who were in attendance.


Led by singer and guitarist Dave King, the seven member band features a guitarist, a banjo player, a violinist, a bassist, an accordian player and drummer.  Several other instruments are played by these musicians such as the mandolin, the tin whistle and the concertina when a particular song called for them.


They opened the show with “Drunken Lullabies” and a group of fans quickly formed a circle in the pit where they slam danced to every song.  They were having a great time and King made note of them a couple of times throughout the show.  


“Float,” “Days We’ve Yet To Meet” and “Devils Dance Floor” had everyone singing and dancing along with the band.  


Their hour plus set came to a close with “If I Ever Leave This World Alive.”


Social Distortion is out celebrating their 40th Anniversary.  Mike Ness and company came out rocking with “So Far Away.”


Ness rarely addressed the crowd, but rather let the music do the talking for him.  He and the band plowed through thirteen songs in their one hour set. 


Songs such as “Dear Lover,” “Bad Luck” and ”1975” all sounded fantastic.  However, a glaring omission from the set was perhaps their best known song, “Ball and Chain.”


Social Distortion closed the show with “Story Of My Life.”


The Devil Makes Three opened the show with their take on Americana punk.  The quartet really got the attention of the crowd when they broke out “War Pigs" that featured a banjo and stand up bass and they rocked it.  They were the perfect openers for this tour. 



Photos and review by Greg Drugan

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