Third Eye Blind

Brought Their 

Summer Gods 

Tour To Jacobs Pavilion 

July 4, 2019

Third Eye Blind made a stop at Jacobs Pavilion on Tuesday night as a part of their Summer Gods Tour along with Jimmy Eat World and Ra Ra Riot.


The San Francisco based band, led by Stephan Jenkins, made a splash on the music scene with their multi-platinum selling, 1997 self titled debut album.  Six of those songs from that lp made the 18 song set list on Tuesday.


The band appeared as silhouettes on the backlit stage as they opened the show with “Screamer.”  Jenkins had his hoodie over his head for the first two songs which made it difficult to make out his facial expressions.


By the third song, the nearly sold-out crowd was on their feet and singing along to “I’ll Never Let You Go” and remained on there for the rest of the show.


All of the big hits like “Graduate” and “Jumper” were mixed in nicely with some deep cuts like “Motorcycle Drive By” and “Company.”


Jenkins took center stage, armed with just an acoustic guitar to play “Slow Motion” solo.  However half way into the song, he stopped and told the crowd, “This is the first time I got lost in ‘Slow Motion.’  Do you mind if I just go to the bridge?” He finished the tune with a roar of approval from the audience.


Closing the set was another huge sing-a-long “How’s It Gonna Be.”


The band returned for an encore and Jenkins said that they have a new album coming out in the fall and proceeded to play “Waze” from the upcoming release.  The show closed with “Semi-Charmed Life” just as the rain started to come down on what was otherwise a perfect evening.


Another band that got their start in the ‘90s, Jimmy Eat World played a very fun set of rock tunes that had the millennials dancing in their seats. 


Songs like “Futures,” “Bleed American” and “Big Casino” sounded fantastic and were close to note for note from the CD.


Lead singer Jim Adkins was very impressed with the enthusiastic crowd as he noted, “You guys decided before we even came out that you were going to have a good time!”


He also stated that they will have a new album coming out in the fall titled Love Never and played the title track.


Adkins and the rest of Jimmy Eat World had everyone jumping up and down as they closed the set with their biggest hit, “The Middle.”

Ra Ra Riot opened the show with a very fun set of pop rock.  Playing four of their seven songs from their latest album Need Your Light, the band did a great job warming up the crowd.

Photos and review by Greg Drugan

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