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Savoy Brown
Album Review: 
Blues All Around

Great Album To  
End Career


Savoy Brown released their 42nd album, Blues All Around this past February.  This comes after the passing of founding member Kim Simmonds who was the founding member and guitarist and lead vocalist of the band for the past fifty-seven years.  Simmonds lost his battle with cancer last December, but not before recording one of the best Savoy Brown albums.

If you are a fan of the blues, Blues All Around is worth checking out. 

The album opens up with a short little blues riff titled "Falling Through" which segues into "Black Heart" which is an upbeat blues shuffle that really shows off Simmonds guitar prowess on the solos.

"Going Down South" is more of a traditional 12 Bar Blues tune that features some nice harmonica work by Simmonds as well as a great slide guitar solo.

This album really has all different types of blues tunes represented.  From slow burners like "Gypsy Healer" to the title track that is reminiscent of BB King.  The lp also features more great slide guitar playing on songs like "Winning Hand" and "My Baby." 

Overall, Blues All Around is a great final tribute to the musical career of Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown. 

Review by Greg Drugan

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