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Dorothy Interview;
Playing Sonic Temple On

The rock band Dorothy, fronted by Dorothy Martin have been making a splash in the rock world. Rolling Stone magazine has listed them as a “Band You Need To Know” and they have released three albums to date.


Dorothy will be taking the stage on Friday as a part of the Sonic Temple Music Festival.


We had the chance to chat with lead singer, Dorothy Martin as she called from her home in San Diego to talk about her career and her upcoming appearance in Columbus.


GD:  You will be coming to Columbus in a couple of days for the Sonic Temple Festival.  Have you played this festival before or when it was called Rock on the Range?


DM: Yes, we definitely played Rock on The Rage.  I remember that.  It was so awesome, it was during our first record cycle. 


GD:  Awesome.  It’s at the same place with the same set up with three stages, they just changed the name a couple of years ago.  Now they are back after COVID and we are happy to have you!


DM:  Oh my gosh, we are so excited.  They did change the name, but I do have fond memories of Rock on the Range.  It’s a huge festival and it’s going to be good to see everyone. 


GD:  And the weather looks great.  I know in the past we’ve had some issues with the rain, hopefully the weather will be good for us.


DM:  Yeah, we’ve only been rained out of one festival.  That’s not a bad track record for a ten year touring band.


GD:  Sure! Do you enjoy playing festivals and do you get the chance to check out other bands?


DM:  Yes, I love it!  When we all come to the festivals, we all see our friends and other bandmates and other bands that we know.  So it’s like a reunion for everybody.


GD:  You have a good time slot on Friday, going on at 5 pm.  How long do you get to play?


DM:  Honestly, I’m not sure.  It may be around the thirty minute mark, maybe forty-five if we are lucky.  Somewhere between there.

GD:  There seems to be a lot of younger rock bands that are coming up.  I know that you played in Cleveland with two of my favorites, Dirty Honey and Mac Saturn.  Why do you think there is a resurgence of rock music?

DM:  Because it’s so real. It makes you feel alive. It’s not sterile and soulless. It’s full of soul and spirit.


GD:  Besides playing with those bands, what are your memories of playing in Cleveland?  


DM:  Isn’t that where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is?


GD:  Yes!


DM:  We did a summer tour with The Struts and we went to the Hall of Fame.  They gave me this really cool Blondie T-shirt.  I still have it.  It’s been six or seven years since we’ve been there and I still have it.


GD:  Very cool.  There are a group of great younger female fronted bands like Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless.  Do you view them as competition or more of a sisterhood?


DM:  And The Warning and Lilith Czar.  I think it’s more of a sisterhood.  When I met Maria Brink from In This Moment, she was so kind to me.  She gave me a hug and there was no pettiness.  There was no rivalry, it was like a sisterhood.


GD:  Have you found it more challenging being a female fronted group in a male dominated genre?


DM:  If it is, I’m not aware of it.  If I’m getting passed up on a gig because I’m a woman, it’s not something I’m aware of.  It hasn’t been told to my face.  I really love what I do and I think I’m where I am supposed to be at the moment.  I’m trusting my own journey and it doesn’t matter if they are male or female.


GD:  Sure.  Now, looking back on your career, who was the first artist you saw in concert and how did that affect you?


DM:  I was fifteen years old and I saw Blink 182.  That’s hilarious.  I think fifteen is a little late to be going to your first concert.  I never went as a kid.  I remember smelling marajuana for the first time, I never smoked it and I thought it smelled like skunk.  I loved Blink 182 and they were a lot of fun! 


GD:  Besides Blink, who are some of your musical influences?


DM:  I’ve been listening to a lot of AC/DC, the old stuff.  I grew up on a lot of classic rock and the blues.  Bands like CCR, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.  Singers like Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and artists like Whitney Houston.  It’s a mixed bag.


GD:  Yeah, I can hear a little Janis in your voice.  It has that grit to it.


DM:  She’s a huge influence.  She’s the first female rock singer that I ever listened to.


GD:  Like you said, you have been at this for about a decade.  Where do you see yourself in five years?


DM:  Doing a little bit of television.  Branching out doing some business stuff.  Continuing to write better rock records.  I really want to write music that impacts people on the spiritual, soul level.  I really started to tap into that on this last record.  I just think it’s going to get more in depth and more clear from here. 


GD:  Now in your last video, you incorporated your boxing skills.  How long have you been doing that?


DM:  I’ve been off because I injured my hip by kicking the heavy bag too hard.  I hiked and been doing walking and jogging, whatever I can do to wait this injury out.  I’ve been doing it off and on for years, I love it. It’s an intense workout and it’s a skill set too.


GD:  Are you into MMA, do watch that?  Or do you just do your kickboxing?


DM:  I just like to do it.  I don’t watch it as much.  I listen to Joe Rogan and a lot of people bring up Jiu Jitsu and I don’t want to get on the floor.  It’s gross to me.  I don’t want to get a fungus on my face, I’m good! 


GD:  Are you just playing festivals this year or do you have a more extensive tour lined up later this summer or fall?


DM:  We don’t have anything on the books yet.  It’s been a fly date type of year.  We’ve flown out to open for Breaking Benjamin or Disturbed.  It’s really cool to play these arena’s and festivals because the sound is really good. There’s a lot of people packed into one place.  That’s been pretty much my life the past two months.  We have Sonic Temple and that’s the last one for a bit.  We have three festivals in July but I’m going to be focusing on the new record.  I’m not focused on touring this year because I’m going to be writing the new record. 


GD:  That was going to be my next question. You released Gifts from the Holy Ghost last year.  Can we expect to hear new music by the end of the year or is that going to be pushed to ‘24?


DM:  By the end of the year, you’re going to get the last single from this record.  Then we will start the year with a new single from the new record.  I’m pretty confident we have it already, but I’m going to keep writing and see what we have.  So I’ll have to get back with you on that one. 


GD:  So you will be hitting the stage in Columbus on Friday evening.  What can fans expect from your set?


DM: We just plug in and play, we don’t have any tracks.  We’re a four piece rock and roll band and hopefully I’ll bring the fire vocals.  We are really looking forward to seeing our fans.  Usually I like to step off to the side and take pictures with people and meet people face to face and hear about their life and what they are going through.  That’s my favorite part, meeting fans and hearing what they are going through and how music has affected them and helped them.  It keeps me encouraged to keep going.  It’s not about me, it’s about them.


GD:  Music is a healer for sure.  I’m really glad you said that you are a totally live band.  I think it’s so important in this day and age where a lot of bands are using tracks and stuff like that.  I think it’s very important, especially for a younger band.


DM:  Thank you.  I don’t think we’re a younger band.  Maybe compared to everyone else we are.  There are bands that have been around twenty plus years.  I don’t know how they do it. 


GD:  You have been around for ten years, you have earned your stripes for sure.


DM:  That’s really good to hear.  I mean, eight or nine years of touring.  We started at the end of 2014.  It just goes to show you that good things don’t necessarily happen overnight. 


GD:  I can’t wait to finally see you in person.  I wish you the best and I’m looking forward to the show! I wish you safe travels here to Ohio.


DM:  Awesome! Thank you, I will see you soon!

Check out Dorothy on Friday at Sonic Temple in Columbus! 

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