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Tesla Rocks
Packed MGM
With In Your Face
Rock and Roll

August 6, 2023

Tesla played to a nearly sold-out Center Stage at MGM on Friday night and brought a no frills, in your face rock and roll show to the masses.

The Sacramento outfit is currently out supporting their latest release, Full Throttle Live which features the appropriately titled song, "Time To Rock."

Kicking off the show with "Lady Luck" from The Great Radio Controversy, the band was firing on all cylinders from the start.  They then segued into their very first single, "Modern Day Cowboy" which brought the all ready packed crowd to a frenzy.

Midway through the set, singer Jeff Keith told the audience that the band has been around since 1986 and exclaimed, "The '80s were great!"  After playing "Changes" from their debut album, Keith announced "Here's another one from 1986 and the band launched into the deep cut "We're No Good Together." 

Before playing "Private Ledbetter," the band saluted all the veterans in the audience.  At the end of the tune, guitarist Frank Hannah tore into "The Star Spangled Banner" where an American flag was projected on the screen behind him.

Two acoustic guitars were brough out for Frank Hannan and Dave Rude to play the dueling intro to the bands biggest hit, "Love Song" before launching into the full version of the song.

"Little Suzi" ended the main set.  Afterwards, Keith told the audience if they wanted the band to play one more song they would with some encouragement.

Of course, the crowd yelled and cheered and the band returned to play a full-on electric version of "Signs."

What a great night of totally live rock and roll by a great rock band.

Review by Greg Drugan

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