Melissa Etheridge

Brought Her

Medicine Show


June 21, 2019

Melissa Etheridge made a return appearance to MGM’s Center Stage on Tuesday night.  She is out supporting her fantastic new album titled The Medicine Show and kicked off the second leg of her tour in Northfield.


Fans were treated to seven tracks from the new lp during her two hour set.  Opening the show with “Fearless Love” then segueing into “Faded By Design,” Etheridge welcomed the crowd to The Medicine Show, proclaiming “In this day and age we all need a little bit of that good medicine!”


Ethridge has definitely honed her skills on the guitar.  She was quite impressive playing her big Gibson ES as well as her 12-string acoustic and electric guitars.  She also played some great blues harmonica on “Royal Station 4/16,” a nice deep cut from the Brave and Crazy album.


Before playing “This Human Chain,” she said that the song was about a guy who went to the beach and was going to get pulled under by a riptide.  But the people at the beach decided to act. She noted, “The people didn’t ask who they voted for or who they loved” instead, they formed a human chain and pulled the guy in.


The last portion of the show was filled with some of her biggest hits including:  “Come To My Window,” “Somebody Bring Me Some Water" and an extended version of “I’m The Only One” that included some fancy guitar work and some more bluesy harmonica.


She and her tight three-piece backing band encored with “Like The Way I Do.”


Throughout the show her message was clear, love each other and love yourself.


That is the best medicine of all.

Photos and review by Greg Drugan

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