Myles Kennedy

Impresses Agora

With Masterful

Guitar Playing

And Vocal Range

November 21, 2018

Some people are known as singers while others are known as guitarists.  

I'm here to tell you that Myles Kennedy is accomplished in both disciplines.

Although he is most recognized for his singing (he is the lead singer for Alter Bridge as well as for Slash) and believe me, the man has quite the vocal range.  However, it was his guitar playing that was most impressive on Monday night. 


Kennedy made a stop at The Agora  while he is out supporting his latest solo release, Year of the Tiger.

He walked on stage alone, playing an acoustic guitar that eventually led to "Devil On The Wall."  After that tune, he switched to an electric guitar and was joined by a drummer and a bassist and they tore into "The Great Beyond."

The switching of guitars would become a theme after almost every song.  Kennedy would switch from an acoustic, to an electric Gibson, to yet another electric which saw him do some beautiful slide work, to a dobro, and back to another acoustic.  Playing all of them with finesse and feel.

Myles did not neglect his past as he played songs from Alter Bridge ("Addicted To Pain," "All Ends Well" and "Watch Over You") Slash and the Conspirators ("World on Fire") and even his first group, The Mayfield Four ("White Flag").

He also included a few cover songs which included a great acoustic version of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper," Robert Johnson's "Traveling Riverside Blues" and Freddie King's "I'm Going Down."

Kennedy and company ended the first set with "Year of the Tiger" and came back to encore with "Love Can Only Heal."

It was a great exposition of rock, blues, singing and guitar playing.

The way all good concerts should be.

Walking Papers, a six-piece band from Seattle, Washington opened the show with a very impressive set.  After the first song, which was a slow and prodding number, the band picked things up and rocked out with a very unique sound.

The audience showed their approval with enthusiastic cheers through out their forty-minute set. 


This is a band should be on your radar.  I will definitely check them out again the next time they pass through town.

Review and photos by Greg Drugan

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