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Styx Are Still
At The Top Of Their Game On
Crash Of The Crown

June 15, 2021

Styx is not a band to rest on their laurels.  Unlike most legacy bands, Styx continues to make and release new music.  

And the music is fantastic!

Following up 2017's very successful concept album The Mission, Styx is set to release their 17th studio album on June 18th titled Crash of the Crown.

The album opens with a very pro-rock sounding track titled "Fight Of Our Lives" that segues into another prog tune called "A Monster​" which are both sung by Tommy Shaw. 

Lawrence Gowen takes over on lead vocals on "Reveries," that has some fun time signatures throughout the song and the slower "Hold Back The Darkness."

"Crash of the Crown" is really a three-part suite that features JY on vocals for the first part of the song, Shaw takes the lead in the middle section that has a funky groove, and Gowen finishes the suite with some vocals that are very reminiscent of Freddie Mercury.  

The song "Common Ground" is about people coming together.  It has progressive sounding keyboards in the start and then a nice acoustic guitar is woven in with the band singing in harmony.  At the end of the song Gowen sings "When we get together, on common ground.  Then no one will ever take us down."  

A nice thought that many people could use today.

There really is something for every Styx fan on this fifteen track album.

Although some of the songs sound familiar, Styx always seem to keep things fresh and new, weather it be the lyrics, or the different time signatures in their songs.  One thing that you can always count on with the band is outstanding musicianship.

Crash of the Crown delivers. 

In a press release, Tommy Shaw stated: “I can’t wait to feel that group energy when we get back on the same stage together again. We did something extraordinary in creating COTC. It came to us so naturally, and we can’t wait to bring these songs to life the way they’re meant to be played.”

Styx fans will have the opportunity to check out the band on July 29 at the Youngstown Foundation Amphitheater.   Donnie Iris and the Cruisers will be the special guests.  Tickets start at $29.50 and can be purchased here

Review by Greg Drugan

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