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Ann Wilson
Slays MGM
With Pitch Perfect Set

July 15, 2023

Ann Wilson is amazing.  She has the best voice in rock.

You read that right.  

Male or female, at any age, Ann Wilson in my opinion currently has the best voice in rock and roll and one of the best voices of all time.

Ann Wilson and her new band, Tripsitter made a stop at MGM's Center Stage to play some songs from their upcoming new record titled, Another Door.  They also played some of Ann's solo songs, a couple of cover tunes and of course they broke out some Heart classics and deep cuts.

The show kicked off with the Heart classic "Even It Up" which led to one of her new solo songs, "Ruler of the Night."

This theme continued throughout the evening.  Play a new song or two then play a Heart song.  It really worked out well and the new songs fit nicely with the classics.

The first set included "Magic Man" "Love Alive" and "Mistral Wind" from her Heart catalog as well as "This Is Now" and "Greed" from her solo career.

After a fifteen minute intermission, Ann and her band returned to play two new songs, "Tripsitter" and "Rain of Hell."

Any fan of Heart knows that they are huge Led Zeppelin fans and they usually play a song or two from them during their set.

Tonight was no exception as Wilson tore into a great version of "Immigrant Song" and later a beautiful rendition of "Going To California."  

I truly believe the woman can sing any genre of music and absolutely kill it.

"Crazy On You" got the audience rocking in their seats, while "Straight On" saw the band go into David Bowie's "Let's Dance" before coming back and finishing the song.  It was a great mash-up.

The show ended with another Heart classic, "Barracuda." 

It's hard to believe Ann Wilson is 73 years old, she doesn't look nor sound anything close to that age.

Review by Greg Drugan

Photo by Greg Drugan 2018

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